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Surgical Department


Surgical Department

This Department Runs our Surgical Clinics and Operations, Run by highly Experienced Doctors in Multiple Surgical Specialty including but not limited to;

General Surgeries:

General Surgeries which covers Surgeries like Breast Lump and masses, Mastectomies, Gall Stone and gall Bladder Surgeries, Appendectomies, Hemorrhoidectomies, Herniorrhaphies, Intestinal Obstruction and Resections, Intestinal Tumors and Cancers

Urological Surgeries:

Urological Surgeries which Covers Urinary Obstruction Surgeries, Prostate Evaluation and Prostatectomies including Minimally Invasive Endo Urology, Bladder Surgeries, Ureter and Kidney Surgeries.

Plastic And Reconstructive Surgeries:

Plastic And Reconstructive Surgeries which covers Burns and Burns rehabilitation, Contracture and Constriction Release Surgeries, Aesthetics and Beauty enhancement procedures, Facials - Nose Jobs, Eye Lifts, Lip Surgeries, Breast Lifts and Enhancement, Chronic Ulcers and Wound care.

Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgeries:

Every Accident case is attended to in the hospitals Casualty department and by the Truama Surgeon. We provide expert and specialized orthopedic care and rehabilitation to accident victims / clients.


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